Research Methods and Statistics

Statistical Software Programs for Social Research

Popular commercial statistical software programs.
Minitab | SAS | SPSS | S-Plus | STATA

Free Software Package
The Comprehensive R Archive Network Similar to S-Plus.

Free Student Packages
HLM – Hierarchical Linear Modeling program for nested and hierarchical level models: Student version.  Limited number of cases (7200 at level-1 and 350 at level-2). SSI Central
Lisrel – Student version.  Handles up to 12 observed variables at a time. SSI Central

Tutorials for statistical software packages

Tutorials for most Statistical Software Packages University of Texas
Tutorials for Software Packages SPN Software Central
Information on SAS  NC State University
More links to software packages and tutorials by Rainer Würländer
SPSS Tutorial by Gil Einstein and Ken Abernethy
Statistical Education: Online Statistical teaching material, courses , handouts, exercises, articles, datasets, and a useful list of links
Multilevel Modeling wth MLWin
Hierarchical & Longitudinal Modeling with SAS Proc Mixed  Judith Singer (Harvard)

Online Statistics Textbooks

HyperStat Online Textbook
Multivariate Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications by David W. Stockburger
The Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics Includes interactive examples of basic statistics concepts
Surfstat Australia  Covers material from univariate statistics through regression.
Statistical Data Analysis: Prove It with Statistics by Professor Hossein Arsham
StatSoft (More Advanced)  Includes: Elementary statistics, basic statistics, ANOVA/MANOVA, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, factor analysis, generalized linear models, graphical techniques, linear regression, log-linear analysis, nonparametric statistics, power analysis, survival analysis, time series analysis, and more.
BJM Statistics at Square One  A guide to basic statistical concepts.
Multilevel Statistical Models: Internet Edition Harvey Goldstein
Applied Multilevel Analysis  Joop Hox

Other Quantitative Methods Resources

Power Calculator: UCLA
Web pages that perform statistical calculations by  John Pezzullo
Bill Trochim’s web page Not sure which statistic you need to use?  This link can help you.
Links to Bayesian Resources  Jeff Gill’s Homepage
University of Miami Libraries: Methods Links Getting Started with LaTeX – Information on mathematical document editing by David Wilkins
MiKTeX Typesetting documents with mathematical equations by D. E. Knuth
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources Michael Friendly (York University)
Canadian Social Research
Research Data Centre: Toronto
The SLID electronic data dictionary  Popular Canadian Dataset
Software package additions (missing data, graphical display etc.) Gary King’s Homepage
Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences  Harvard University Research Center
Harvard-Mit Data Center

Summer Programs in Social Statistics

SPIDA and the ICPSR provide courses in social statistics for students and social researchers who wish to develop their research related skills.

ISR (SPIDA) – York University (Toronto)
The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) – University of Michigan

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Research on the Internet   School of Social and Systemic Studies, NOVA Southeastern
University. Includes , qualitative research sites, links to syllabi, journals that publish qualitative research, qualitative resources, etc.

Content Analysis Resources. Georgia State
Everything that you need to know about Content Analysis

Resources for Qualitative Researchers: QualPage.  University of Alberta

Sociology Research Methodologists in Canada


Bob Andersen (McMaster – modern regresssion)
Doug Baer (Victoria – structural equation modeling)
John Fox (McMaster – nonparametric regression and 3D graphs)
Stephen Gyimah (Queen’s – event history analysis)
Les Hayduk (Alberta – structural equation modeling)
Paul Maxim (Western – survey methods)
John Kervin (Toronto – survey methods)
Michael Ornstein (York – quantitative methods)
Fernando Rajulton (Western – hierarchical/longitudinal analysis)
Blair Wheaton (Toronto – structural equation modeling)

William Shaffir

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